Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Transform A YouTube Video To iTunes

Transform YouTube to iTunes

1. First, go to your uploads on YouTube and choose a video you want to create an audio version of. This is only for your own material. It is a copyright violation to use video someone else created.
2. Copy the share link.
3. Open a new tab for or another YouTube to mp3 program. Paste the link and you will get an audio link to download to your computer.
4. I recommend you edit the file with a program like Audio Audition to smooth out the audio.
5. Re-save the edited mp3 onto your computer.
6. Open up a account. Use this video to guide you through that process. It will also take you to the rest of the steps to get the audio on iTunes. 
7. If you already have an iTunes account, you don't need to do anything new, except log in when you're ready.
8. It takes a couple of days for iTunes to respond with an approval, meanwhile, as you wait, you still have the profile and audio library on Podomatic that you can share.