Wednesday, December 5, 2012

User/Password Overload

Amazon, Air Miles, utility companies, banks, blogs, retail, social media...everything requires a user name/password. 

Do you use the same one for everything? It is not the most secure thing to do but that would make things a log easier. 

I have to keep updating the list, usually adding to the 12 pages of login information for all the sites I go to. There is no way I will ever remember them. 

My email, bank, and a handful of others I have at the tip of my brain. The rest, I have to look up. If I misplace the list, I'm done. So I have the list saved in many places...just in case.

Is it just me?

I have so many logins that when a newsletter, website, or information source asks me to create a user name/password for the sake of reading their stuff, I move on to the next one. Except for a select few, chances are I do not need the information that badly. I have to really want your stuff to stretch my Word doc to page 13.

We are being user name/passworded to death. Somewhere out in cyberspace, there are user/passwords set up for those who forgot where they've logged in.  

Logging out...

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