Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Is the Internet a Right or a Privilege? California Trial Lawyer Mitch Jackson Weighs In

Given the speed at which technology and platforms are evolving, it may be difficult to imagine where the Internet will be in five years, but +Mitch Jackson suggests that it may be a place where governments can no longer use an off-switch.

"(The Internet) is a great tool for people around the world to connect. ... I would like to see it available to everyone with all propaganda washed aside."

While service providers determine if you can connect your devices to an in-home or telephone service, the neighborhoods are filled with shops and services that provide free wireless for anyone to hook onto.

It may be that the Internet is still in its wild wild west stage, but there are still do's and don't's that can have legal ramifications.

Check out more from Mitch in this interview:

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