Saturday, November 23, 2013

Become Like A Tree That Bends With The Wind

Let's face it. It's not going to happen. There is not a lottery ticket on life. It's usually a series of ebb and flow, up and down, side to side, down, then up again.

Human nature tends to look for the pot at the end, but what if it were the journey that counted? 

In the journey, if we don't stop and remember to be thankful for where we are, for the people who have crossed our paths, and yes, even the situations that caused us grief -- we miss out on the whole point of what life is about: the experiences and relationships that shape us. Harboring grudges, bitterness, and hate only makes us less appealing, shortens our lifespan, and makes everyone around us miserable.

Here's to mastering gratitude, focusing on love, and wishing our enemies well. Maybe if we try that, our ebb and flow will bring us a little more joy.

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