Sunday, January 20, 2013

We Can Learn A Lot From A Squirrel

January 21 is a special day. Besides Martin Luther King Day and Inauguration Day, according to one of my Facebook friends, it is also Squirrel Appreciation Day.

It's no secret that I love squirrels. They are full of personality and so much fun to watch. They can be quite tame, too, once they get to know you.

Squirrels are eating machines. Somewhere in Southwest Calgary, there is a stash of peanuts a mountain high. Besides the meal they would consume in my yard, they'd scurry off to save some of the grub for later.

I'd always laugh when I shopped for critter feed and overhear an older couple saying, "I wish the squirrels would stay out of the birdseed."

I used to think, "I wish the birds would stay out of the squirrel feed."

They don't process the same way we do. It's not like a squirrel will see birdseed in a yard and think, I can't eat that, it's for birds only. No. If the seed is on one of those "squirrel-proof" feeders, you can be assured that the squirrel will infiltrate the device to get to the seed. He has nothing but time to plot his technique.

The one thing squirrels are that many humans are not is persistent.

Squirrels never rest until they win their prize. Once they determine there is something they want, they will go to any length to eat it.

Squirrels teach you to stretch your limits and not let any obstacle be an excuse for you to not reach your goal.

Squirrels embrace diversity. They mingle with the other animals in their community, even their enemies. They will also warn others of impending danger from a common predator. Their sense of friendships and community is admirable.

When they do find their goal, squirrels will stand their ground and not let anyone take it away from them, until they choose to share.

So dust off your inner squirrel and go after your dreams. The best part is that some of the spoils will drop to the ground so that others can go for that ride with you.

In the meantime, Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day.

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