Monday, May 5, 2014

Música mexicana de un vistazo

Singer AB Quintanilla performing at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards 
at the Dolby Theater, October 9, 2013 
in Los Angeles

This date of Cinco de Mayo 2014 spawned a look at Mexican culture after landing on this music history lesson as told by the famed singer Selena.

To further this lesson, I took a tour on YouTube to check out the different Mexican music styles and came up with these mixes.


Tejano music seems to offer a strong emphasis on the accordion, at least that is what can be assumed from this sampling.


Norteno music seems to have a more country music influence.


Rancheras is mixed with more of a crooner style.


Salsa and Mambo is the ultimate party music.

There you have Mexican music in a nutshell -- from a new learner.

Entre dos velas Cinco de Mayo! :)

Debbie Elicksen

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