Monday, April 28, 2014

Literacy in Media is Waning

Shouldn't that be honing?
It used to be that television news media was held to a high standard when it came to writing and literacy. At least that's what the perception has been.

Now it's difficult to tune into a station, any station, and not see a glaring error in its graphics.

Shouldn't that be drugs?
Of course, when you see some of the mistakes, one could almost have fun making up a new story using the graphic as is. For example, if Lance Armstrong was caught using rugs, that might explain his having children from different mothers. 

Maybe Nelson Mandela really died in 2012 and a corrupt conspiracy-laden government lied about it to garner ongoing vigils so they could sell bottled water.

That may be true, but when was the president going to tell us about his name change?

The graphic that keeps on giving. One never tires of these flag -- well let's face it, these are more than just errors, these are the result of hiring someone who can't even use a computer well enough to Google.

Seriously. What type of person do media companies hire for their graphics department?

Any writer worth their salt will tell you puns are bad unless you're playing with your three year old.

Sadly, this graphic only proves that there is no one at the helm to edit before or during a broadcast.

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