Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Computeritis and Stepping Away from the Screen

Can anyone go a full day without checking their device? How about an hour?

The thought of going a full day makes me hyperventilate. Seriously. I know I can't be alone.

From the moment I get out of bed until I return to it, I'm switching between three or four devices, sometimes engaging them at the same time.

But it's my business.


What if I miss that all-important message that could make or break the career?

If anyone needs to hear what +Chris Brogan has to say on Friday on +Virtual Newsmakers, it's me. He's going to be on our Google Hangout at Noon EST. He'll be talking with me and +Cynthia K Seymour about maintaining a computer-life balance.

I don't know about you but spending your days (and nights) on a computer wreaks havoc with your body, and I suffer from Computeritis big time.

What is Computeritis?

Do your neck muscles get so stiff that you can't turn your head, or you get a knotty lump in the back groove of your skull? Are your shoulders and upper arms so taut that it hurts to slightly touch them? If any of these apply, you, too, suffer from Computeritis.

If it get so bad that the pain keeps you awake at night, you need to go to a physiotherapist. Or you can do some of the things I was told to do when I saw mine. :)

There is the "close the door" chin exercise where you stand tall with shoulders back and pull the chin back with the rest of your head still -- about 10 times. This pulls the muscles on your upper under arm and kills at the beginning. You do it in 10x intervals many times a day.

The effin' roller can be used for your back. Lay on it and roll the heck back and forth against your shoulder muscles. You'll know why this piece of equipment is nicknamed that once you begin.

Those two things help a lot and it won't be a whole lot of fun.

It's the only time I seem to disconnect...when I'm working out the muscles to step back in.

If you have any ideas on exercises or how you put down the smartphone or tablet, I'd love to hear them.

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