Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not Available In Your Country


This is just a little annoying. Is it only in Canada? 

We see the same message on Jon Stewart clips, +Team Coco , +Saturday Night Live , and worst of all: +Nickelback YouTube videos. 

What's the big deal with Nickelback? They're CANADIAN.

Even those multi-million dollar commercial spots for Super Bowl are replaced with the two or three continuous ads that seem to run through every broadcast. Hmm. Wouldn't that bother the advertiser that spent all those bucks to have those ads aired live? 

I'm not sure which end blocks content from the United States -- whether it is the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission, which is a thorn in every Canadian viewer's side), the cable company, or the network.  

Given that we can communicate live via video in a heartbeat with someone from Malta or Papua New Guinea, or that we can purchase anything on the Internet and get our news almost before it happens -- this type of service blocking from/or of a neighboring country and biggest trade partner seems just a little ridiculous.

Every time I see this, it makes me pine another day for a US green card.

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